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What is an Android TV box

An android TV Box is the latest innovation in home entertainment, it is a small box which easily plugs into your existing TV, old or new, and connects to your broadband to give you a complete world of entertainment by streaming straight to your television. Everything you love to watch from Movies , TV shows, to Sports, when you want to watch. 
This android TV Box can in fact do a whole lot more….keep reading.

How Much

Apart from the purchase of the Smart TV Box there is no other hidden monthly fee’s. We have pre-installed XBMC which is the main source media player for Movie, TV show and sports streaming, here you can choose from 1000’s of movies or TV shows from any year to the present day, all for FREE.

How easy is it ?…….

Plug the Smart TV Box to the mains………connect the HDMI cable (supplied) to your TV …….connect the Smart TV Box to your internet by either wireless or Ethernet (Ethernet cable not supplied) then select the programmes you want to watch or start browsing the internet, it really is that easy.

What is streaming…….

Streaming means watching the most up to date movies, TV shows, sports or listening to music from providers such as Spotify or worldwide radio stations in “real time” as opposed to downloading files to your computer to watch or listen to later.