What is an android TV BOX and is it legal?
An Android TV Box  lets you stream 720 & 1080p HD videos straight from the Internet with apps like Netflix or Hulu enjoy music and photos on your TV. Easy to setup, and turns your TV into a Smart TV instantly and it is legal.
Where can you use your android TV box from TVBOX.IE
Anywhere you have a TV, and good broadband access (7mb/s or higher).
If you are on holiday, or living abroad, take your android box with you. 
Are movies available through an android box?
Yes there are 1000’s of movies including some of the latest blockbusters available to stream from many internet sources, like Netflix, Tubi TV, Playstore etc.
What TV shows are on the android TV box?
There are 1,000s of TV shows available through the internet using an android TV Boxes. For example 3 Player, Netflix or RTE Player. Some shows are paid for like Netflix.
What about Music?
Listen to all the best streamed music and watch free music videos through apps such as Spotify or Youtube on your android box
Can I watch sports on an android TV box
You can watch sports from many sources found on the internet.
Can I get radio stations on my TVBOX.IE android box?
You can tune in to 1000’s of worldwide radio stations with music of all genre’s from apps such as TuneIn radio
Why should I buy an android TV box from TVBOX.IE?
At TVBOX.IE we take pride in giving our customers the very best.
We have over 20 years business experience, and bring a vast knowledge in customer care, to our android TV box customers.
So after extensive research to find the best, and most reliable boxes out there, we ensure that every box we sell, has been checked to an extremely high standard before it arrives to you, so you can be assured you are getting the very best, and latest available.