How it works?

No Dish? No Problem. An Android TV Box, sometimes known as a Smart Box, from TVBOX.IE, is the latest in home entertainment, it’s a Small Multi Media box, that plugs into your existing TV’s HDMI port (with supplied cable), connects to your broadband (minimum 7mb/s), through Wireless or Ethernet cable (not supplied) to give you a complete world of entertainment by turning your existing TV into a Smart TV allowing you to access internet content, straight to your television. Visit our shop page for details.

  • Connect Box with TV

Step 1
Connect Box with TV
  • Connect TvBox to power

Step 2
Connect TvBox to power socket
  • Connect TVBox to Internet

Step 3
Connect TVBox to Internet


What is TV Box?
A Tv box is a multi media device that connects to your TV using HDMI connection and to your broadband (minimum 7mb/s) and accesses online content. You can access Live TV , On Demand latest Movies, On Demand TV Box Sets, On Demand Cartoons – literally all the content that is avaible on the internet, will be just a click away. Visit our shop page for details.

Enjoy watching your favourite Movies, TV shows, or Sport on your TV, through your andoid tv box – watchable content only a click away.

android-tv-boxIs it hard to connect to tv?
No not at all, it simple as connecting any media device to your tv. All you need is a HDMI Cable – plug the one end into the tv box and the other in to the HDMI input on your TV – Magic! Now just log onto your broadband using WiFi, or an Ethernet cable and with just a push of button on the android tv box all the content comes to life. Exciting eh!
 We  test each TV box, and make sure it ready to use, so that you can enjoy the exciting world of entertainment !
So, what exactly is on offer here?
First the good news, there is no monthly charges, no hidden fees – all you need is an Android box and a minimum 7mb/s broadband connection, and the world of internet sources is yours. 


Sounds too good to be true? Well, why not give us a call 01-5030441 or email us to find out how the the android tv box works and what it can do for you!




IMPORTANT: All of the content offered through our TV Boxes is streamed from internet sources – it is not downloaded. All of the content is provided by third party suppliers and not by, therefore we are not responsible for content being withdrawn, changed or misused. We do not condone piracy or copyright infringement. Content streaming requires for the end user to have a stable and consistent broadband internet connection in place, minimum speed recommended is 7mb/s.To know more please read Terms and Condition Privacy Policy Disclaimer

To know more please read Terms and Condition Privacy Policy Disclaimer